Plantable printed seed paper wrist bands
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Plantable printed seed paper wrist bands



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Plantable Printed Seed Paper Wrist Bands Eco-Friendly Event Bracelet Wristbands Gift For Best Friend Event Paper Bands

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  • Handmade
  • Delivery from a small business in India
  • Materials: Seed paper, plantable paper


* Product: Wrist Band
* Material: Seed Paper
* Colour: White (As shown in the image)
* Quote: I’m Beautiful

Made from recycled paper sourced from schools and local authorities.


*Eco-Friendly: Once the event is over, wearers can plant the wristbands in soil, and with proper care, they will sprout into beautiful flowers, herbs, or plants. This unique feature not only reduces waste but also contributes positively to the environment.

*Design: The wristbands are available in different colors, designs, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one for your friend. You can also choose from a variety of seeds, such as wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables, depending on your friend’s interests.

* Versatile: These wristbands are versatile accessories suitable for a wide range of events, such as weddings, concerts, trade shows, fundraisers, and corporate gatherings. They can be used as entry passes, promotional items, or simple fashion statements.

* Not only are plantable seed paper wristbands an Eco-friendly option, but they are also a great way to support sustainability and promote green living. They are perfect for people who love gardening, nature, and the environment, and they make a unique and meaningful gift that your friend will surely appreciate


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