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Must Have Eco Friendly Products For A Hassle Free Life

Going green is a trend and a preference for a way of life that hundreds of thousands of human beings are currently adopting. As the realities of climate change turn out to be extra obvious every day, being considerate about how we devour is increasingly essential. Consumers are demanding that manufacturers answer the call. When India is concerned, pollution is a significant concern. From stationery to home decor to personal care, multiple products can help you change your life into an eco-friendly one. Further, to make it easier for you, we at The Green Chapter have listed what we have to offer that can make your life hassle-free and environment-friendly. Have a look –

Blue Ball Pens

 Eco-friendly paper and pens have a refill that is composed of seed paper. The seed paper is recycled paper mixed with a selection of natural seeds, even as processing. The seeds are selected by a committed group of ecologists and agricultural specialists on the idea of the climatic situations of your area. Once you have used the pen, remove the top and soak it in water. The subsequent morning, cautiously cut the paper into small pieces and plant those in the soil. Water them frequently and supply enough sun time to look at them and develop them into plant sprouts.

Seed Pencils in Plantable Pack | Seed Pen | Plantable Bookmark | Diary | Jute Bag 

For corporate gifting while being eco-friendly, pen or pencil promotions are a sensible and beneficial giveaway on their own. However, while they’re plantable and eco-friendly, which would further help you promote your goodwill and seize the creativeness and interest of recipients since the whole lot is plantable, recipients can use those plantable pencils, then sow each pencil and paper to develop a plant. And the best part? Every part of this package is plantable, from the pencil to the pen, the bookmark, and the diary, which comes in a jute bag and is again eco-friendly.

Ball Pens Recycled Paper

 The usage of pens is widespread from colleges and offices to households. Thousands of pens are disposed of daily, piling up in landfills and water bodies. There’s no cease to the distress due to the plastic pens. Eco-friendly paper pens aim to lessen the desk-bound waste menace. These additionally make splendid gifts to sell an eco-friendly lifestyle. Caring about mother earth and being aware of how selections affect the destiny of this planet by no means get out of fashion.

Eco-friendly paper pens are ninety-five percent plastic-free and are a workable step in decreasing the growing plastic contribution. Plantable seed paper for refill is an added benefit. Grow your green babies and be a plant parent today.

Eco-friendly Gift Set for Children- Canvas DIY Pouch | Plantable Pencils | Newspaper Pencils | Seed Bombs | Color Seed Pencils 

Worried about what to give to children as their return gift or birthday gift? Why not give them something they would have fun with without harming the environment? Our eco-friendly gift set is the right thing if you want to capture children’s minds! Now, if you’re wondering what seed bombs are, let us help you with it

  •  Seed Bombs or seed balls are small clusters packed with wildflower seeds that might be designed to convey greenery and colorful pollinator habitats to city landscapes or unnoticed areas.
  • Colorful seed pencils – If you want to let your child indulge in their artistic side while not adding up to the environmental waste or color to de-stress, our colorful seed pencils are the answer to your problems like seed pencils towards the end, you can have a few plants out of these pencils. 
  • Paper Pencils with Quotes– Feeling demotivated? Why don’t you have a look at our range of paper pencils with motivational quotes? The best part is you get your daily dose of motivation while being eco-friendly, as these pencils are made of recyclable paper. 
  • Jute Bags Plant Grow Bags – Looking for grow bags to add to your gardening experience? Why not indulge in our jute grow bags instead of the plastic ones while trying to be the best plant parent you know? Our jute bags are sturdy, attractive, and sustainable while being ethical and strong enough to hold up to 4 kg.

 There is no undoing of what has been done. Our plastic wastes have choked the earth and its biodiversity. We, the people, want to take responsibility for the mess we have created and do damage control. If not we, then who? If not now, then when?

Eco-friendly merchandise, including notebooks, bags, pens, pencils, etc., may be your go-to solution and a small contribution to lowering the waste burden that is hampering the existence of future generations. Get them today, and do your part to save the planet. After all, little acts of consciousness add up to enormous changes.

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