Eco-Gift Set – 1 Tote Bag | 1 Canvas Case | 10 Seed Pens | 5 Newspaper Pencil | 4 Seed Boms
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Eco-Gift Set – 1 Tote Bag | 1 Canvas Case | 10 Seed Pens | 5 Newspaper Pencil | 4 Seed Boms

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WHAT’S IN THE BOX –  1 Canvas Tote Bag | 1 Canvas Pouch | 10 Plantable Pens| 5 Newspaper Pencils | 4 Seed Bombs

CANVAS TOTE  this canvas tote bag is made of High-quality Pure Cotton 10 oz. Canvas Fabric .  It’s Safe, Non-toxic, Environmentally Friendly, Durable bag .  Long-lasting. Life goals quote will make your bag Unique and Personalized.

GIFT FOR KIDS  Seed Bombs make a fun and beautiful mindful gift ! As they’re easier to handle than little individual seeds !

UNIQUE | IMPACTFUL | ECO FRIENDLY GIFT KITS – This Gift Kit works best all people who cares about the sustainability and Environment has eye for Unusual Unique Purposeful Gifts .

 NEWSPAPER PENCIL – Made from Recycled Newspaper | Wood Free | Dark and Erasable | Extra Dark certified 2B Lead | Thickness: HB | The pencils are cylindrical and have a smooth finish for a comfortable and stable Grip.

Why Choose The Green Chapter`s Plantable Gift Sets ?

The Green Chapter unique thoughtfully curated eco-gift collection is not only sustainable and Inculcate environmental thoughtfulness. It is a Mindful splash that provides array of products towards eco – ethical consumerism .

♻ Gift set for boys or Gift for boys brothers and sisters | Diwali Gifts New year gifts also can be attractive thoughtful Eco-hamper for all occasions .

♻ Fact Check  – Approximately 1.8 billion plastic pens are tossed into trash annually! Paper pens are a step towards reducing this number.

♻ How to use Plantable Pencils & Seed Bombs ?

★ Insert Seed Bombs Embedded with seeds into soil

★ Push the end of the reduced pencil into soil in other pot separate pot.

★ Water / Sprinkle it and place it in the sun for sometime everyday

★ Once the seeds gets right conditions It germinates then Nurture Your little saplings .


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