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Eco friendly products” An escape to The Green Chapter of your life

Tell me honestly, how do you feel when you step out to a lush green garden?

What do you think when you feel the fresh breeze coming from those beautiful trees and the plants around you?

Don’t you feel about spending more time with this ecologically balanced gift of Mother Nature?

How about staying connected with nature all your life? And what if I say that’s pretty much possible.

Yes, anyone of us can adapt it to go green in most aspects of life by using eco-friendly products in our day-to-day lifestyle and feel that freshness everywhere at our work or in our living room.

I am sure you will thank me after knowing about these zero-waste sustainable alternatives, which will help you rub your hands off plastic most of the time. These zero waste alternatives has a significant role in reducing our carbon footprint in nature and make our surroundings pollution free.

Michella, a friend of mine from the US, often calls me up to express her happiness and tell me about the improvement in her health, which she started observing after adopting eco-friendly products as a sustainable alternative for plastic. She has started feeling happy emotionally and feeling fresh all the time.

So read on and start making easy & possible changes today without making huge sacrifices!

Have you heard of the Popular Reusable stainless steel straws by The Green Chapter, a perfect eco friendly alternative for plastic straws, very easy to use and clean? These stainless steel straws are made of top food grade 304 stainless steel and are 100% recyclable.

There are plenty of other eco-friendly alternatives out there by “The Green Chapter” that can help reduce your impact on the environment. Check out our shopping section to know more about the amazing collection of eco-friendly products.

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption and production of wastes that harm the environment. Some think it is costly to go green, but making small changes in lifestyle will lead to great environmental benefits.

Here are some tips on the use of reusable eco friendly products:

-Use cloth bags when shopping instead of paper or plastic bags. Cloth bags are not only good for the earth, but their reusable nature help reduce the amount of single-use plastic being used and inadvertently discarded into the environment. Don’t miss to check the best seller of The green chapter, the multi-purpose, heavy-duty & multi-pocket bag made of cotton canvas. A perfect alternative for plastic bags and a great combination of simplicity, elegance, and ecology.

– Make your own cleaning products using vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, or essential oils, rather than using rags or sponges to wipe things down.

– Reduce water consumption by taking shorter showers (less than five minutes) and turning off the water while brushing teeth. Turn off the faucet while washing dishes and only run full loads in the dishwasher.

– Line dry instead of using a dryer. It saves on energy costs, reduces wear on clothes and is better for the environment!

– Plant trees! Not only do trees help cleanse the air by removing carbon dioxide, but they also provide homes to birds and other creatures that live in them. In fact, The Green Chapter has come with a very unique and inspiring idea of seed pencils. The pencil has seeds of herbs and flowers in the cap that children can plant at home, school, or any garden. The best thing is these pencils are made of edible colors and are completely chemical-free.

Your children may inculcate gardening habits and understand the importance of green environment around.

Going green doesn’t have to cost anything or take up much of your time either. Just taking small steps every day can make a difference. It isn’t about being perfect; it’s about doing what you can.

So what are you waiting for? Start making some easy, eco-friendly changes today and check out products at The Green Chapter for even more ways to help the environment. We promise it’s easier than you think!

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